All-round, innovative and committed

Hulshof Architects is a successful and all-round architectural firm. Formerly known as Hulshof & Compagnons, it has extensive experience in the fields of renovation, restoration and new housing, commercial buildings, town and urban planning. Managed by architect Ineke Hulshof the firm plays a leading role in urban transformation processes.

Setting Trends

Recent developments in architecture and public housing are new approaches for the transformation of existing urban areas and a greater emphasis on quality and input by the users. However, for Hulshof Architects these issues are not new. It has long since been involved in designing and building processes where residents are in a leading position. Examples are the renovation of various buildings for communal housing, numerous projects of urban renewal as well as private housing improvement, some mixed with public functions.


Hulshof Architects offers its clients more than just creative architectural input, it also advises, supervises and coordinates whenever necessary. We take our social responsibility with regard to the living and working environment we create and the urban planning aspects of our work very seriously. Our clients are not only housing corporations and project developers but also (group of) private clients. Our innovative and all-round nature is illustrated in the following examples:

  • Restoration, renovation and reuse of many buildings in The Netherlands.
  • Designing new housing, as well as urban planning. A residential area in Shanghai has been restructured and re-built in cooperation with Chinese architects.
  • Using the latest technological innovations in the field of environmental and energy resources and domotica.
  • Building on top of existing urban areas in order to increase density without absorbing precious open space in the city. The "Bamboo Summit City" during 'Rotterdam 2001 Cultural Capital of Europe', was a statement. We initiated the foundation of expertise network Summer City (in dutch: Bovenstad) to explore further opportunities.


Hulshof Architects employs a number of driven architects, experienced technical draftsmen and junior architects. In order to achieve the best possible quality, taking into account budget restrictions and other conditions, we work in project teams.